Friday, February 24, 2012

February 2012

Photos of the Week on Cape Breton Island for February 2012

Photo of the Week February 24, 2012 - St Peter's. Driving in on Highway 4 from Sydney you see on the left the Provincial Building and on the right is the St Peter's Visitor Information Centre. This photo was taken after last week's sowstorm.

This was Photo of the Week February 17, 2012. The photo was taken in South Bar, which is located on the Highway 28 between Whitney Pier and New Victoria. Love the lawn ornaments!

Photo of the Week February 10, 2012 taken in Dundee. Even though it was a beautiful sunnny day with the temperatures at plus 2 Celsius, the wind was still a little raw.  It felt more like MINUS 30 Celsius when just sitting around, holding a fishing line in a hole in the ice and waiting for a bite. Didn't get one bite, but the fresh air and sunshine was a good thing for the soul!  

Photo of the Week February 3, 2012, L'Ardoise. This photo was taken on our morning walk on Chapel Cove Rd.