Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo of the Week

Today's Photo of the Week on Cape Beton Living is a scenic shot of Chapel Cove Rd in L'Ardoise. The day was a bright and mild one, feeling the spring is in the air! One more week from today spring will be upon us once again. While up on the hill, in the fields where we can see miles all around, something else caught my eye besides this picturesque coastal view. Way out in the distance, a loud rumble was getting louder until this large helicopter came flying right over my head. Two Maritime air squadrons are in Cape Breton this week conducting joint training exercises. This is one of six CH-149 Cormorant helicopters that was training in Cape Breton on Wednesday March 11th. It's usually quiet in L'Ardoise, with only the sounds of the wind, seagulls and the passings cars and trucks, so seeing this monster helicopter circling in our skies, was something see. The video below is from the Cape Breton Post Video-on-Demand website