Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Rankin Family in Sydney

The Rankin Family is touring our vast country, starting in Penticton, British Columbia and working their way east. Jimmy Rankin, currently on tour with his sisters in support of their new album, These Are the Moments says “It’s nice to be out with my sisters again and the old band. We’re singing a bunch of new material and the show is sounding great and it’s fun.”

Last night, February 27th, they played at the Centre 200, to what I would say was a full house. The crowd was all fired up to welcome them back home to Cape Breton Island and the show, as always, was an energetic and lively time for everyone who had the good fortune of being there! I picked up their new CD "These Are the Moments". The CD has thirteen tracks, with nine new songs and four of their classic songs. Since I can never get enough of the Rankins, I listened to the CD on the way home from the concert in Sydney and enjoyed their presence as we travelled along the old Highway 4 all the way home.